Part of being a homeowner is knowing how to maintain and, in some cases, repair the vital things that keep your home sturdy, comfortable, and safe. Another part of being a homeowner is knowing when to call for help. There’s a lot that you can and should do to protect your home, but you have a responsibility to call in the pros from time to time. Here’s what you need to know about making the decision to call a Plumber.

Before you Call your Plumber

So you have a plumbing problem. Should you call a plumber?

First, evaluate the situation. What problem do you have? Is it a clog? A leak? A ring lost down the drain?

Next, consider what steps you may want to take yourself. Be careful! You do not want to overestimate your own ability as a DIYer. If you take things into your own hands, you could easily make the problem worse. That can be a headache for your plumber — and for your wallet, too!

This doesn’t mean that you can’t take basic steps yourself. You should try to clear clogs with a plunger, for instance, before calling in the pros. But be careful with liquid drain cleaners. They can back up and create leaks or turn rubber gaskets brittle. And if you pour in a bunch of drain cleaner without actually clearing the clog, you’ll force your plumber to deal with a bunch of dangerous drain cleaner stuck in the pipes. There are alternatives, but don’t bite off more than you can chew! A clog is a perfectly legitimate reason to call in a plumber, and a plumber is going to give you the safest and most effective solution.

When in doubt, trust the professionals, explain the pros at roto-rooter plumbing & drain services. Your plumber is licensed, insured, and trained to deal with these sorts of issues — and you’re not!

Act Fast When a Plumbing Issue Threatens your Property

You can try your hand at plunging a clog or (if you’re comfortable with a project of this level) turning off your water and removing a sink U-bend to get a ring out of the catch. You can replace toilet chains and evaluate bigger issues. Competent handymen and women can do plenty of repairs themselves. But don’t spend too much time on your own efforts. If you’re not seeing fast results, or if you don’t have time to tackle the project right away, then you should call a profession.

Problems with your plumbing won’t get better over time. They inevitably get worse! That will translate to larger repairs and costlier services from your plumber. And, in the meantime, you’ll be putting your property at risk of flooding and other disasters that can accompany plumbing issues.

So do yourself a favor. Call the plumbing professionals sooner rather than later. The faster you act, the more time your plumbing experts will have to fix the issues and head off more significant problems that would otherwise crop up down the line.

Preventing Plumbing Problems Before they Happen

We’ve established that the earlier you call your plumber to get help with a problem, the better your results will be. But that’s just “better.” What about “best?”

“Best” is to call your plumber before there’s a problem in the first place. It’s called preventative maintenance, and it’s a crucial investment for homeowners.

When you have a plumber on your property checking things out, you can trust your plumber to spot small problems before they get larger — and, in many cases, to spot potential problems that have not even emerged yet!

Camera inspections, checks and checklists, minor repairs that might not otherwise have been made — they all help your system in the long run.

Just as with speedy repairs, preventative maintenance will give you a more reliable system and a better chance of protecting your property from flooding and other issues. And, just as with speedy repairs, preventative maintenance is the better financial choice in the long run. So call your plumber today, and get started!


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