Medicine Cabinet

A well-stocked medicine cabinet can be a very useful thing to have if you fall ill. However, not everyone keeps exactly what they need in stock. This means that they may have to go to the store and find what they want. If you’re ill, this is the last thing that you want to do. Having a well-stocked medicine cabinet can be convenient and ensure you can take that medication sooner rather than later.

Let’s take a look at what you need to keep in your medicine cabinet.

Some Painkillers

Painkillers are possibly the most commonly used type of medication, Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are handy things to keep in stock. A few packets of each should be enough. Medication such as this can help to lower a fever, kill pain, and ward off aches and pains.

Please make sure you know exactly how to take painkillers so you get the most out of them. The dosage instructions can be found on the package.

A Thermometer

If you think you have a temperature, a thermometer can let you know whether you need to be concerned. Oral thermometers tend to be the cheapest type you can buy, however, infrared thermometers can give you a quicker reading. Using a thermometer is quick and easy, and it can potentially tell you how ill you are. If you do have a temperature, please make sure you see your doctor.

Prescription Medication

Try to have a month’s worth of any prescription medication that you’re taking. Make sure that you know exactly where it is in your medicine cabinet. If your medication comes in small bottles or in prepackaged medication dispensing boxes, it can be stored relatively easily. Put it somewhere that’s easy for you to reach but out of the way of any children. In addition to this, prepackaged medication ensures that patients, particularly elderly patients always take medication as it has been prescribed which can help to prevent accidental overdoses. What this means is that patients are more likely to have improved outcomes.

As far as the dispensing pharmacist is concerned, they are less likely to make any errors if the medication is prepackaged. What’s more, prepackaged medication is usually child-resistant, making it extremely difficult for little ones to get the medication.

Allergy Medication

Antihistamines can help to reduce allergic reactions. Hay fever, for example, is a very common reaction to pollen. Having some antihistamines in-stock can help to combat your body’s natural reaction to pollen. There are many different brands of antihistamines out there. However, they all tend to work in much the same way. Just make sure you stay away from any antihistamines that cause drowsiness if you need to drive anywhere or operate machinery.

Vaporizing Rub

If you or a family member has a cold, some vapor rub can help. With the ability to unblock stuffy noses, vapor rub can also be quite soothing. It’s ideal for use when you have a cough or your sinuses are congested. Containing menthol, vapor rubs tend to be quite cheap and they can work very well.

Anti-nausea Medication

A lot of people suffer from nausea from time to time. Having some anti-nausea medication in-stock can help you to feel better quickly. Some medications such as this also help to alleviate heartburn and indigestion. Just make sure you know how to take medication like this so that it works well for you.

If you don’t want to take anti-nausea medication, consider keeping some peppermint capsules in stock as they can work almost as effectively. If you’re not a fan of peppermint, some chewable ginger capsules could be a good alternative.

Antiseptic Cream

From time to time you may need to use some antiseptic cream. The good news is that you can buy some from most grocery stores and all pharmacists. You don’t always have to buy the best-known brand, there are many other cheaper alternatives that work just as well. Having some antiseptic cream in-stock can help wounds to heal while also helping to reduce scarring.

Always make sure that you put the lid or cap back on the tube correctly. Doing so can help to prevent the cream from drying out.

Adhesive Bandages

Adhesive bandages are one of the best things to have in your medicine cabinet. They come in many different shapes and sizes and they can help to control bleeding. Adhesive bandages can also provide a clean environment for the wound to heal. Just make sure you opt for some waterproof bandages if you tend to get wet now and again.

Keeping your medicine cabinet well stocked is not only convenient but it can also be very useful. The next time you have a cold, an injury, or you’re feeling nauseous, you can find exactly what you need. Just make sure that you replace things as soon as they start to run out. Look after yourself by having all of the essentials in your medicine cabinet.

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