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Autumn is upon us and all of our wardrobes are in the process of being updated with some amazing new pieces of Boots. Around this time of the year, many people decide to start wearing boots with their outfits due to the cold weather and the amazing selection of boots that our favourite brands bring out just in time. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the do’s and don’ts of wearing boots this season. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Don’t Match With Your Coat

Of course, it is important that your boots match your coat, but we are referring to those who double up and have exactly the same bots as they do coat. This can seem too much and is definitely something which you should avoid. Just because you have a fur parka doesn’t mean that you should have fur-trimmed boots. Be clever about your matching and don’t go overboard with your patterns and materials.

Do Think About Hemlines

If you are planning on wearing knee high boots this season, then you should think carefully about your hemlines. The last thing you want is for your skirt or your dress to cover the top of your boots. This can look too much, and you want to get the full effect of your boot that you have probably spent a lot of time choosing.

Don’t Overdo It

The right pair of boots can make any outfit look amazing but if you want to get it right then you’ll need to make sure that you don’t overdo it. You’ll find that a lot of the women’s boots by Dune London look amazing with a simple outfit as they are the standout piece. Make sure to consider your outfit carefully this season and don’t overdo it with your boot and outfit combination.

Do Wear Classic Boots

This season it is going to rain, so you need to make sure that you have boots suitable for every type of weather. A good way to stay dry in the rain is by opting for a classic rain boot that is almost knee high. You’ll love looking stylish as you walk through the bad weather and you’ll be dry the entire time! Pair these with a classic trench coat for the perfect look.

Don’t Buy Rubber Boots

As we have already discussed, the weather this season isn’t going to be pleasant, but this is no excuse to buy some rubber boots. Yes, they keep the rain out, but they are not on trend and they will ruin any outfit that you wear. Opt for the classic boots and never buy a pair of rubber boots with characters on them.

Do Try A Mid-Calf Boot

Mid-calf boots are bang on trend this season so if you want to look amazing then you should think about picking up a pair or two. They might seem daunting at first but if you know what to wear them with then you’ll be able to rock this trend. Think about investing in a longer coat that is knee length and you’ll find that the mid-calf boots look amazing on you.

Don’t Tuck In Wide Jeans

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when pairing their boots with jeans is having them bunched up at the top of the boot. This is a big mistake and can ruin your entire look if you cannot fit the jeans inside the boots. To avoid this, think about wearing leggings or tights with your tighter boots and you’ll see a massive Fashion improvement in how your outfit looks.

Do Show Skin

Our final tip for those who are interested in buying some boots this season is to be willing to show some skin. There are so many amazing shorted boots that will let you show some ankle and they will look amazing. Try to stick with ankle length jeans to make this look really work but make sure that you are not going crazy with the skin as it is autumn!

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Final Verdict

Buying boots is not easy, there are so many different beautiful options to choose from and the clothing brands know how to get us to spend money. If you are going to be wearing some boots this season, you should think about taking all of our tips on board. Think about trying some of the classics and avoiding tucking your wide jeans into your boots. You should also think about where your hemlines are going to be sitting and always dress for your shape. Take a look at some of your favourite stores now as you’ll find plenty of amazing boots for sale that will help you look amazing this season.

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