Useful Water Drinking

Staying hydrated during the summer is one of the key practices that should be followed by everyone. This should be a priority if you take care of your health or want to switch to a healthy diet as you might be needing something to keep your body up and ready. This is also very useful if you are on a health and fitness regime and do some intense workout. Having a sip of water between your workouts helps your body not to burn out very quickly and you can push yourself more.

There are so many ways that you can use to keep yourself hydrated and in the digital age of today, it has become so easy. There are so many apps that can help you stay alert and send you notifications on a timely basis when you should drink water, they can let you know the quantity of water you should have and the quantity you have already consumed and so many other features.

You can keep your water consumption cycle at your fingertips using iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is to download these apps using CenturyLink internet which is very reliable and can connect you with your internet-based apps and helps you connect anywhere in America. Let’s have a look at some apps that can help you and keep you hydrated:

Water Drinking

Daily Water Tracker Reminder

The app is one of the easiest ways to track and monitor your water intake and helps you benefit from the data and analysis provided on information provided by the user. You can use it to stay motivated and make your water tracking more goal-oriented.

The app’s design is very attractive and very simple to use. Also, you can set your water intake goals daily and set reminders if you are too busy to keep a track of your water consumption.

Plant Nanny

The app is very helpful to develop healthy hydration habits using very cute plant characters. The plant characters in the app help you keep your hydration on point and grow as you input your water intake counter. You can watch the plant growing better and become more cheerful. The app has a very cute interface and solves the water drinking problem that many people face.

Using Plant Nanny you can set a daily water consumption goal and collect and help the plant to grow and boost your spirit at the same time. The app is known to improve your health and help you stick to healthy habits at the same time.


The app motivates you to drink water regularly and helps you calculate your daily water needs. It helps you get notifications during the day so that you can stay on track and consume an adequate amount of water. The app uses your activities to know the amount of water you should consume daily and the reminders help you keep up with your water drinking habits.

Aqualert also lets you have a decent water balance in your body and is very easy to use and suitable for users of any age. It uses information like your weight, gender, activity to determine the optimal water consumption. There is an automatic bedtime mode so that you do not get any reminders in the middle of the night when you are sleeping.

Drink Water Tracker Reminder

The app provides users with a very simple way to track and remind users about their water consumption throughout the day. This can be very helpful for them to stay hydrated and improve their health. It is designed keeping in mind the busy and active routine of the people so that they do not have to set schedules for their water drinking.

Drink Water Tracker Reminder is very smart for the users to get notified on the time when they are supposed to drink water and avoid dehydration. This is an ideal way to accelerate your metabolism. The app not only helps you perform the mainstream functions of a water tracking app but also helps them configure the app according to their activities that can be modified very easily according to the diet. You would find the user interface of the app very intuitive and has simple settings. You can also integrate the app with Apple Health too.

Water Minder

The app uses a very intuitive way to track water intake and you can get information and the optimal tracking of water consumption according to body weight and the fitness goals you have in mind. One can get reminders on drinking water and get a visual representation of your progress. You can use the app as a cross-platform water tracker, use Siri shortcuts and different Home Screen widgets, the Apple Watch app and so many other features.

Final Thoughts

In the end, one can say that staying hydrated is very essential for you and one can do so using the water consumption and water intake trackers mentioned above. This is not only helpful for users who have the habit of consuming less water, but also for people who have different fitness goals as well.

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