time saving beauty tips

I know how it feels like when you wake up on a working day, knowing that you have lots of things to do, but all in a small amount of time. Such frenzied morning can prevent you from giving the proper attention to your beauty routine and this causes an unsatisfied feeling that lingers all day long! It’s really not a good feeling and interferes greatly with your mood and confidence at work. So here are some effective beauty tips for working women that can leave you feeling satisfactorily refreshed all day longwhile consecutively dealing with your time restricted mornings.

Time Saving Beauty Tips

Clean Skin

Need much makeup in the mornings? Not with a cleaner and healthier skin! Your morning coffee can wait, so head over to that sink first thing in the morning and get a thorough face wash. Try keeping your skin-cleansing products within your reach on your sink, just so that you don’t forget anything. Clean, fresher skin equals a good and productive day.

Multi-purpose Moisturizer

You must know that sunlight causes your skin to age. It also causes your skin to go dry and dry skin welcomes nothing but wrinkles. So try getting your hands on an SPF 30 lotion that contains antioxidants. This will enable you to achieve a threefold function i.e. (moisturizer, sunscreen and anti-aging cream). This beauty tip for working women is cool because all those antioxidants in the lotion have skin tightening and anti-aging benefits in store for anyone who uses them.

Untangle Hair in the Shower

Yes, we all have been there. Wrestling with knotty and tangled hair especially when you’re hard pressed for time is very frustrating. It can also be destructive to your hair strands. It’s best that you keep a large toothed comb in your bathroom and use it when you are conditioning hair. This will effectively untangle your hair and save you a lot of time in getting ready for office.

Blow-Drying the Hairs: Good or Bad?

Talking about hair and not mentioning blow-drying is a crime in a world where everyone discusses beauty tips for working women. So here are some tips. Blow-drying hair immediately after the shower can weaken your hair. Just, wrap your hair in a towel, and get your make-up started. Once your hair is approximately 80% dry, use the blow-dryer and style your hair.

Wait a moment! We were racing against time, weren’t we? So what if you don’t have time to blow dry? Just run anti-frizz serum or cream through your hair, and braid them. Get on with the rest of your work and when you find that your hair has dried up, you will notice that they are just naturally wavy, yet manageable. You can either leave them down or wrap then into a ponytail.

Swap up your makeup routine

Change is good, change is reliable! So change your makeup routine. Try doing your eyes before you do your face. In simple and more understandable words, do your eye makeup before you apply the foundation. This way, you will the precious time you usually lose while cleaning off any eye-makeup mishaps.

Try out these time saving beauty tips for working women and tell us how they worked for you!


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