Traveling Solo

Nothing can be better than traveling solo. There is so much the world has to offer and so much more to experience than having a good weekend every week at some local pub or partying with your friends. With such things life becomes monotonous, but with traveling you open those new doors to your life, you never knew existed.

Traveling Solo: Things You Should Consider

Don’t be Scared

Now traveling along for the first time may seem difficult and a bit scary at first, but once you have traveled many countries, you will know that it’s not so hard and you can handle yourself well. A solo traveling female naturally gets more attention everywhere, but remember, where you find difficulties, you also find love and ease.

People Will Treat you like a Kid

All solo female travelers have heard the “helping a lost child cross the street” voice which people will use when you ask for assistance with navigation. Don’t worry about it and don’t let it anger you. Know you are a big girl and can handle stuff. It you need help with directions, ask people, forget their voice and pat attention to the details. People have a strange mentality regarding women not knowing how to travel alone, just go ahead and prove them wrong.

Street Harassment

Street harassment exists everywhere. You can imagine that the country you are traveling to will be a magical land, full of respect for women and no street harassment, but this is never the case. It will come in different forms especially when you are traveling alone in Europe. In Southern France and Spain, it will be unbearably in-your-face. Although it will be in different languages, catcalling will be a part of your international traveling experience, so stay strong, harden up and just let these things roll down your shoulder. .

You will Find Love

There is a potential of a thrilling love story on every corner when you travel alone. This is one of the greatest things about traveling solo tours. Anything can happen, romantically speaking. Meeting someone randomly on a street corner or in a cafe is not a rare occurrence. Traveling solo tend to place you in the “whatever happens, happens” mentality and you may even fall in love with your tour guide. Now finding love is not the point of travel, it’s just a great freebie.

Other Female Travelers = Your Best Friends

It may come as a strange thing to you but solo female travelers tend to form something of a secret society. There is an unspoken code of trust and confidence that binds us as temporary sisters. If you ask me, some of my best “travel romances” have been getting on with a group of girls and going on a pub crawl with them at night. Female travelers are there for you whenever you need a good recommendation, someone to complain to or help finding something. They know your struggle and are never going to judge you. You may end up being lifelong friends.

It’s natural to be anxious about traveling alone, but its nothing to be afraid of. If you are traveling a solo trip, the Northern areas of Pakistan are reported to be the best of the places. The people there are polite and respectful and the place is beautiful and culturally rich. Good luck!


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