Things to Hang on Your Walls

Do you have a “naked” wall? That one awful, blank wall in your space that just seems to be staring you down? Or do you have a wall that is all too cluttered with bland wall hangings — the same sorts of framed photos and generic “Live, Love, Laugh” pieces that make you feel like you’ll never be a great decorator? We have the cure. Creating a more beautiful and unique wall is all about finding the right things to hang and expanding beyond the ordinary.

Wall Decor

Canvas prints

A little 5-inch-by-7-inch photo in a simple frame with shiny glass protecting it — that’s not too memorable, right? It’s always nice to honor a memory or a friend or family member with a wall hanging, but simple framed photos can easily fade into the background and almost always fail to make a statement, even when you’re dealing with larger sizes. Happily, you have an alternative: canvas prints.

Canvas is a classic and dignified material. Artists have been using it for paintings and other forms of art for thousands of years. Thanks to modern printing methods, it’s easy and affordable to get a favorite personal photo, Instagram post, or piece of artwork printed on rolled canvas.

A custom canvas print can do all of the work that a framed photograph can do. At the same time, it can make a room feel more elegant by adding texture and dignity to the space.

Musical instruments

Are you a musician? If so, you probably know that storing your instruments is a pain. But if you find ways to display your musical instruments and other musical belongings on the wall, you’ll kill two birds with one stone: organization and interior design.

Guitars are particularly easy to hang and are often beautiful to see on the wall. But don’t assume that you can’t find a nice way to hang a keyboard, trumpet, low-profile rhythm instrument, or other music-making object. Get creative! Consider displaying these items on floating shelves, too (we’ll talk more about those in a moment).

Tapestries, quilts, and other fabrics

Texture is key in interior design, and hanging fabrics is a great way to add a new dimension to your room. Soft quilts, intricate tapestries, and more — they’re all options Don’t forget to use fabric in your window dressings, too, of course.

Vinyl records

Vintage items look great on the walls. So do musical items. Put them together, and you have vinyl records — a classic choice for any wall. Album covers are works of art (and relics of a bygone era — digital music is nice, but who doesn’t miss those album covers?), and the record albums themselves have a great look and a round footprint that will contrast nicely with more typical rectangular wall hangings. You can also transform and upcycle old records with cool DIY projects.

Shadowboxes and shelves

Add storage space to expand your decor options with a floating shelf or shadowbox. With the right size and shape of shelf or box, you can give your wall a three-dimensional look, put tasteful and unusual items on display, and create more room in your space. Just don’t overdo it — you don’t want to feel like your walls are growing into the room and closing off space around you.

Rustic tools, wheels, and everyday objects

Not all wall hangings need to be “real art.” Vintage items are great, and repurposing practical and rustic items is a particularly cool move. Consider old farming tools, wagon wheels, and other such options for a rustic space — or as a contrasting note in a modern or minimalist space. Mount crates, printer’s trays, and other boxlike and shelflike items to create unique versions of the shadowboxes and shelving that we already talked about.

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