Summer Hairstyles

Bored with your hair color? Does your hair need a new look? These are the most ‘trendy’ ideas to play with your hairstyles and release a new look this summer. What are you waiting for? Let’s figure out the best new outlook for that beautiful hair of yours!

Trendy Hairstyles with Accessories

Trendy Hairstyles

From freshly cut flowers, hairpins or tweezers, when it comes to decorating your fashionable hairstyle, this season the more – the better. According to the trendiest accessories from Scunci, this season is all about flashy and colorful accessories but the simplest will ones also rock many hairstyles. In addition to being very practical (the hairpins are very undervalued), adding a hair accessory to your pigtail or braid, or simply placing it just behind the ear, will elevate any look.

As many of these accessories already put the touch arranged in itself, to bring the hairpins stylish the stylist advised to leave your hair with its natural texture and add hairpins aligned or forming an X behind the ear, on one side or on the other back of the head.

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Bangs in All Versions

Trendy Hairstyles

Fringes are going to be one of the main trends this season, so adapting your hairstyles and collecting them becomes a priority. A low bun or a high ponytail gains style when worn with the fringe framing the face. The effect changes a lot depending on how long you have the hair. You can wear short fringes, scrolls, the 20s, and extra-long bangs.

Pixie with Bangs

Trendy Hairstyles

We do not forget one of the most sought after cuts this summer: the’ pixies¸ will be a sure bet but they do not get rid of the long fringes that give a lot of play to the combing time.

Short Bob

Trendy Hairstyles

The ‘bob’ hairstyles were the wild haircuts of some season ago. This is one of the easiest cuts to take care of and that usually always favors many. They are still carried with undone waves and with asymmetries in the front.

Hairstyle trick: if you are too lazy to undulate your hair in the morning, make some braids at night; when you get up, let them go and that’s it.

Long Bob

Trendy Hairstyles

The ‘long bob’ or straight mane at the height of the clavicles is still a trend. You can straighten, curl or carry it with broken waves. The ultimate in super style is the extreme ironing and bringing the front of the mane behind the ears.


Trendy Hairstyles

One of the cuts that we will see the most on the catwalks and red carpets are the ‘swang’ manes (XL long hair with many layers and open bangs), with a lot of movement. Smooth, wavy or extra smooth.

Melena Midi

Trendy Hairstyles

Blorange is the coppery tone halfway between blond and orange. If you are white skin, this might be a perfect option for you. If you combine it with a haircut above the jaw (that’s how you wear a ‘midi’ mane) you’ll have the perfect look this season.

Messy Hairstyle

Trendy Hairstyles

Hairstyles with a polished finish are one of the keys for this season, but also those who have a certain ‘messy’ and disheveled hairstyle will get highlighted. They are very flattering and, in addition, they subtract years instantly. And they are great, especially if you get up with unruly and rebellious hair. The mane ‘midi’ allows you to make a quick pick-up in a couple of minutes: all the hair back (no stripe), a couple of loose strands and there you go!

Low Cut

Trendy Hairstyles

This summer the low ones are taken and in addition to the ponytail, you can wear it in the shape of a bun at the nape of the neck. If you give a little volume to the crown area by creping it before combing, you will get an effect that is most popular at the moment. And remember the key is in the middle line, which gives it sophistication.

High Chignon

Trendy Hairstyles

The picked-up low, but also the high ones. The maxim is the same: either very polished or with a disheveled effect and fringe framing the face.

Surfer Waves

Trendy Hairstyles

This fashionable hairstyle seeks to imitate the waves of your hair when you wake up ‘the day after’. The hair is not rigid, it has movement, and it combines just as well with jeans as with a dress. You can comb the surfer waves differently to get the waves to get the shape that will suit you better depending on the shape of your face.

The easiest way to get the look in a freshly washed hair is to twist small strands of hair with an iron and apply a texturizing wave spray that will help you maintain the curls without weighing them down.

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