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Many of us think that oily skin is always dirty, greasy, with lots of spots and marks that make the skin look uneven. Well, it’s just a myth – but women with oily skin should have a special skin care routine that can help them look fresh, youthful and beautiful at any time. Below you’ll find the top 10 best skin care tips for oily skin.

1. First of all, start the day by washing your face with cold water. Use a fresh facial cleanser designed for the oily skin type. Always opt for the formulas that have natural ingredients in them and are made of organic products.

2. It’s recommended to use salt or soda when washing your face. You can do it while having a shower. Salty water is believed to absorb grease and excess oil from the skin.

3. Make sure you pat your skin with a soft piece of cloth or towel instead of harshly cleaning or drying it out. Be as gentle as possible with your skin. You can even keep it a bit damp with a toner or moisturizer.

4. Pick up a toner that can replace everyday washing or cleansing from time to time. Clean your face with a cleansing milk and then apply the toner. It will completely clean your skin and its pores, reducing pore size. When it comes to the moisturizer, buy the one that’s meant for oily skin and use it immediately after toning.

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5. Use face masks to refresh your skin and make it glow. Consider Aloe Vera, cucumber juice, lemon juice along with soda, some drops of honey with lemon juice and the like. You can find thousands of home remedies for oily skin. Apply face masks once a week and you’ll stop complaining about the unpleasant grease on your face. An egg white is another face mask to use twice a week.

6. In case you can’t find enough time to mix up some products and make your own masks, you can use a scrub that’s meant for deep cleansing. Scrubs are used both in the morning and in the evening. Depending on your skin’s state you can use an exfoliating walnut scrub up to twice a week. However, it’s recommended that you avoid too much use of scrubs.

7. Have you ever heard about the benefits of rayoungw milk? It is really very effective when you want to get a fairer skin tone. According to the advice of many doctors, mothers use this formula for their babies. It makes the skin soft and more pleasant to touch.

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8. Opt for massages once a month to regulate the blood circulation of your skin. This is another big tip for any type of skin, be it dry, oily or sensitive. Face and body massages tend to keep your skin healthy, fresh and youthful. They also help to get rid of wrinkles.

9. Like any other skin type, oily skin also requires moisturizing. But be careful in your choice. Opt for the best collagen cream and try to stay away from heavy moisturizers.

10. Last but not least, never ever pick, pop or squeeze pimples as it can lead to scarring and eye-catching red spots on your face.



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