Remodeling Your Basement

Your Remodeling Your Basement is the foundation of your home. Because of its location, the basement requires some extra care when it comes to remodeling and interior decorating. So to ensure you don’t make any mistakes when you are remodeling your basement, here are some secret tips and tricks your contractor wants you to know.

Start with Coding Requirements and Limitations

The basement of any home requires specific coding, and any homeowner has to comply to stay legal with their city code. So the first thing you should do before even thinking of remodeling is to contact your local authority about building codes and what you can and cannot do. There will also be permit and licensing issues to learn about when it comes to plumbing and electrical work, so always triple-check before agreeing to a change. If you want extra peace of mind, don’t hesitate to ask a professional to come check everything out, such as the experts at basement finishing Des Moines.

Combat Mold Growth

Fight mold growth before it even has a chance to spread by sealing all open surfaces and drying out all areas of moisture. The problem with mold is that it can spread without your even knowing it’s there, so you’ll want to stave off mold growth and spread before any remodeling happens. This way you won’t have to worry about any hidden dangers affecting your family or damaging your home.

Don’t forget your Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump, you’ll want to think of a backup in case something happens during the remodel. A sump pump can easily flood a basement in minutes if you don’t set up an adequate plumbing backup such as a generator in case the electrical goes out, or even installing a whole other system. Having a secondary sump pump that stands alone from your main system can help when you need it the most!

Add a Vapor Barrier

Basements are notorious for getting damp, even if you have taken all the measures to effectively dry out the space. One way you can go the extra level is to install a vapor barrier on all of your walls. This is an easy step that can bring full on return on investment because a vapor barrier can tell any homeowner that water is present without having to wait for damage to appear first.

Invest in Recessed Lighting

You may have low ceilings in your basement, so a great way to brighten up the area without taking up too much space is to install recessed lighting. This is lighting that is installed into a ceiling tile, and the light bulb doesn’t hang down past the line of the ceiling. As an addition, if you are going for a drop ceiling option, this lighting works wonders.

Add Warmth in the Floor

Basement floors may not be insulated like other floors in your home, so it makes sense to install the heating vents on the baseboards. Not only will the heat rise to make the basement feel more cozy, but vents that are installed on the floor will be easier to incorporate into your home’s existing HVAC system. If your basement will be fully furnished, you won’t want to rely on a portable heating unit. So make sure to plan accordingly for this at the start of your project.

Remodeling your basement can bring a whole new look and feel to your home. As long as you follow these tips, you’ll be on your way to creating the remodeled basement of your dreams.

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