common plumbing mistakes

When it’s working properly, your plumbing is the system that keeps your home supplied with healthy fresh water and ensures that your waste is expelled from the property in a way that complies with local laws.

When it’s not working properly, your plumbing system can be a menace. It can create terrible water damage and expose you to unhealthy waste.

If you want to keep your plumbing system in the best possible shape (and trust us, you do), then you’ll want to invest in quality plumbing care from a trained local professional. You’ll also want to avoid these mistakes, which can spell disaster for your valuable and vital plumbing system.

Using drain cleaners

Drain cleaners work by dissolving clogs with chemicals. Great, right? Well, actually, no — because those powerful chemicals can damage your pipes and plumbing system, too.

You should not use drain cleaners as your first choice, experts say. They’re simply not the best way to clear clogs, because they can sometimes cause trouble that is worse than the problem they’re trying to fix.

You should call a plumber or use a different drain-clearing method, such as using a plunger, snake, or other tool. Or, better yet, play it safe and call the plumber. You may have some DIY skills, but — as we’ll see in our next section — going it alone against a plumbing problem is rarely, if ever, a good idea.

The botched DIY job

Being handy around the house is nice, but you should be very, very careful when you consider a new DIY project. You should always think about what could go wrong — and when you’re dealing with major home systems, a lot can go wrong.

DIY mistakes can be disasters for your space and for your wallet. Discretion is the better part of valor when it comes to home improvement, so take our advice and call a plumber for all plumbing-related projects, including repairs, maintenance, and improvements. Too much is at stake when you’re dealing with pressure, high volumes of water, and dangerous wastewater.

Use your best judgment. If you’re talking about something simple, like hooking a toilet tank chain back up or using a plunger to clear a simple toilet clog, then maybe you’ll decide to go for it. But when in doubt, be smart. In the world of plumbing, DIY ambition can cost you dearly.

The short-term savings strategy

You work hard. You save money. But you have a lot of expenses right now, and you really don’t feel like you can afford another one. So while you’re fully aware that your sink drips and your basement pipes have a leak, you’re going to wait until your next paycheck to call your plumber.

Be careful. As the saying goes, few things are more expensive than being cheap. And while we can’t all afford every service all of the time, you will certainly pay less in the long run if you act fast and are proactive about your plumbing.

You need to call a local pro, explains a plumber in Orange County, California. Have them help you take care of issues right away, and then invest in preventative maintenance services, such as sewer line inspections.

When you catch problems early, you’ll be able to fix them when they are still relatively minor — and that’s when they’ll cost the least to patch. If you wait, you could be looking at larger and more costly repairs. In the meantime, you’ll have a less comfortable and functional space, and you’ll be putting your property at risk of serious water damage and even biological hazards because of wastewater.

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