Like a typical one, I’m also among those girls who grew up in the fantasy of their fairy tale prince and one beautiful diamond ring gifted by their price for the wedding. Since, I have found my prince charming and have been proposed like a princess by him, one of my childhood dream has come true. Happily married, when I flash back to the memory that how did I selected perfect ring for my wedding which was gifted by my prince, I always smile wide. We shopped as a couple and it was a big challenge to convert my dream into a reality exactly as I imagined. Finally, I found PERFECT WEDDING RING! It’s always in my finger and close to my heart.

How did I selected my perfect ring for wedding? I shopped it with my fiancé and set following parameters in my mind:

Type of metal

Every woman has different taste and likes different colors. Some women like mat gold or shiny gold, while others like copper antique and silver. Before selecting the wedding ring, I had one thing clear in mind that I wanted a gold ring.

It depends on the affordability of a person that whether she can afford silver, silver gold or platinum. I am a gold lover so I bought diamond embedded gold ring.

Color of Main Stone

Few women like zircons, ruby, pearls and emerald while other like diamonds as the main stone for their wedding ring. I always wanted diamond as a main stone so I selected a ring with one big blue diamond in the center with small beautiful diamonds at the sides. When it came to the color of the diamond, I never liked traditional white diamonds. There are many other colors of diamonds available in the market but those are a bit expensive. So, I customized my ring replaced white with blue diamond.


Market Survey

It’s really important for the couples to make their mind what exactly they are looking for. For price, variety and design, they should visit different shops to find out the latest trends and search online shops too. We picked my design from a store on instragram, visited its official page and booked my order after a long search.

Dress and Jewelry of the Big Day

Your wedding ring shouldn’t be the odd one in your attire. It should complement your dress, other jewelry and your personality. Since, my dress was pure white so my jewelry was in contrast of my dress i.e. gold and blue. I scoured internet and managed to find beautiful anklets that I ordered from Rellery. It went well with my entire personality and looked perfect as I imagined.

Shape of Fingers

Some fingers are chubby and short while others are thin and long. Not all the rings suits all type of hands. So, it’s important to keep in mind the shape of hands. With thin, long fingers, rings with small stones, delicate width suits the best. When it comes to short, chubby fingers, vintage rings with big stones compliment the hands well. As my hands are beautiful and in between thin and chubby so I found the perfect combination of vintage and small stones diamond ring from the online store.

Shortlisted the Favorites

It’s important to mark all the favorites in your mind or in your dairy so that you may have choices to choose the best. Your choices may depend on your budget and type of the ring. You may customize two to three of your favorite rings.

Here, I also applied the same strategy and with the help of my fiancé, I customized my ring by changing the color, the size and the metal. I also converted two different designs into one.

Fortunately, the ring was made as perfect as it was in my mind. In short, my wedding ring was a beautiful dull gold ring with blue central diamond and two small diamonds at the sides. It’s still in my hand after year of my marriage and brings a beautiful smile on my face, whenever I look at it.


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