Modest Fashion

With every passing day, more and more women are opting for modest fashion. This is because it involves dressing in a way that you’re comfortable with, instead of wearing skimpy outfits to fit the society’s standards of ‘sexy’, ‘attractive’ or ‘fashionable’. So modest dressing is the way you express your true self and distinguish yourself from the rest of the world.

When most people listen to the phrase ‘Modest Fashion’, the only thought which passes their mind is hijab or plain old boring jeans outfits. But there is much more to this style than these two options like the one’s give below:

Modest Fashion Trends

Modest Work Attire

Being a working woman, you can find a number of modest options apart from pants and button down shirts. Now, working women can totally slay in straight skinny pants with a lavish top and an oversized blazer over it, since oversized clothing is not just modest but also super trendy.

If you think you cannot wear short dresses like your colleagues, then you need to get over this illusion now because you can totally wear short dresses modestly by layering it with a sweater, cardigan or blazer in a neutral shade and simple leggings to complement your outfit.

How can one ignore maxi skirts when talking about dressing up modestly for work? Maxi skirts in lighter tones of charcoal, gray and lavender can be paired up with various bell, bishop or flutter sleeved formal tops. The good thing about such sleeves is that they help you make a style statement without compromising your modesty.


Modest Athletic Wear

If you think that you cannot really find anything modest for workout, then you really need to look up to the famous Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad. Being an athlete herself, she realised the troubles faced by sportswomen who want modest outfits and this is why she went on to create her own fashion line.

You can also find your modest silhouette for gym-ing at famous brands like Nike and Adidas who are now supplying not just modest athletic wear but also sports hijabs for Muslim girls. Slightly oversized tees can be worn with sweat pants and these sporty hijabsgive a chic and casual sporty look. Yes, you can also try on your favorite strappy and coolest sports bras as well with a cute hoodie over it.

Modest Swimwear

Several women feel reluctant or uncomfortable in bikinis and they’ll give ambiguous looks when it comes to finding a modest swimsuit that is not unnecessarily revealing. Such women can find a large number of embroideredor printed kimonos and kaftans along with various shrugs which are available at reasonable prices.

The evolution of burkinis has made the life of hijabis quite easy, as they seem to be the best option for Muslim swimmers as well as for those who are reluctant toshow too much skin. A number of renowned brands are now selling a vast range of burkinis in charming styles, comfortable fabrics and eye-pleasing designs.

Modest Islamic Fashion

If you’ve been following the recent Islamic fashion trends then you’ll realize that significant designers and brands like Mango, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger etc have launched special collections following the Middle Eastern trends which basically comprised of long maxi style long sleeved dresses in stylish yet modest cuts.

Dolce and Gabbana’s hijab and abaya range earned massive fame among the Middle Eastern market as it included some amazing and funky floral prints. Hence, the Islamic modest fashion has captured the attention of many well-known brands.

Modest Party Wear

Looking for a modest party wear is not that difficult, considering a surge of modest outfits in the stores, thanks to the transformation of the world into a global village. You can find long sleeved or bell sleeved long maxis having airy and pleated cuts.

There are accessories like layered necklaces and embellished scarves, which can cover up deep-cut necklines, so you don’t need to worry if your favorite dress has a long V-neck, cut. There’s a huge range of modest options when it comes to pants as well for example wide legged pants, bell bottoms or palazzo pants and when styled appropriately, they can easily be worn to formal dinners and events.

When it comes to fashion, there are absolutely no rules so be confident and wear anything that you love because as long as you feel beautiful, you’ll look beautiful. However, no matter what style you choose to adopt, modest or not, it can always be inspiring so keep making efforts to shine through your modest dressing.

Happy wearing! 🙂


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