When most individuals purchase a home, they are doing so with the intent of living there a long time. The hopes are to raise a family and live out the rest of their days in the residence. Yet, as time goes on and families get bigger and need change, the house may not be as functional to you anymore. Though some decide it’s best to sell and relocate, others decide to start home renovations that will improve the functionality of the house. If you’re considering the latter, these ideas may be just what you need.

Game Room

When you have multiple children sharing a room or a large family in general, finding a common area to enjoy each other’s company isn’t always easy. If you’re tired of being in separate spaces all the time, frustrated by all the toys around the house, or simply want a place where you can have fun quality time with your loved ones a game room might be a great addition for your home.

You can create a game room in a finished attic, basement, or other spare room in the house. All you need is comfortable furniture, a few electronics (like a television and gaming console), and perhaps some neat things for entertainment like a pool or air hockey table.


Your home should be one of the first places you can retreat to when you just need to relax and unwind. However, if you don’t have a designated area to go to, getting peace and quiet is out of the question. You can change this and improve the functionality of your home by adding a home spa.

Home spas are very popular these days as people look for ways to heal and de-stress from their hectic lives. Again, you can create your spa in any spare room in the house. Paint the walls a soothing blue or green, look for a massage table, add some nice artwork, and then throw in some extra supplies like essential oils, linens, candles, water features, and a few pieces of comfortable furniture for relaxing.

Office or Study

Lots of homeowners also have businesses, side hustles, or work from home. Though modern technology would allow you to conduct business from virtually anywhere, it’s nice to have a designated place to work. Take one of those spare rooms, a bit of space in your garage, or even consider renovating a detached garage or shed into an office.

It doesn’t take much to put together a home office. You’ll need a desk, chair, computer, phone, and perhaps a filing cabinet and a few shelves for storage. Throw in some pictures for decor and a few plants for your health and you’re good to go. Your office could also serve as a study for older children who need a quiet space to work on projects or homework assignments.

When you start to feel like you’ve outgrown your family home there are solutions other than selling that could make things better for you and your family. The above-mentioned home improvement projects help to make the space more convenient for everyone to take advantage of. So, before you decide to uproot your family from where you’re most comfortable, talk with a contractor about ways to expand the space or improve functionality with ideas such as those listed above.

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