Giving your home a makeover could be a daunting task. A significant happiness enhancer is choosing the right home decor items considering their overall functionality in your home. Being surrounded by clutter, even if it is stylish, is not worth anything anyone may tell you. Look for items that complement the flow of your home  daily living needs. Organize them smartly and consider their functionality well and you will have the perfect end result. So here are a few items that can not only give your home a makeover, but also make it the best place to be.

Terracotta Tiles

Interior design experts are of the view that the new terracotta tiles will replace the currently popular cool white tiles. Such tiles will no longer be used as border tiles and their latest natural matte finishing will make them popular feature walls in bathrooms or for the stove areas in the kitchen. The exterior floors are also the perfect place for such tiles.

Cork Wood

Cork is excellent material to be used open plan areas and can give your house a good makeover. Cork is a stylish material that tends to add a nice new texture to spaces. It is also good for absorbing noise in the large and frequently populated areas such as living rooms.
Cork can also be used as coffee table bases with a combination of stone tops. Side tables and stools made of cork affordable and also look good in houses situated in cold areas. If you are a mother who works at home, an entire wall fitted with cork in your home office can reduce noise and also be used to pin notes.

Dark Green Shades

Dark green shades are dominating the current navy and midnight blues. Many home improvement experts predict that dark shades of green are to become the new popular dark interior color. It can be used as a paint color for bedrooms or could be used in a compliment an armchair or cushions in your living room. You must also know that decor items featuring dark green shade as an accent will add depth to your interior and consecutively bring in the colors from the outdoors.

Upholstered Bed Heads

Swap your current timber bed frames with upholstered bed heads. These will add a touch of luxury to your home. You can choose from one of the classic models in neutral colors with buttons on them, or the plush ones in featuring velvety designs, we thing all will add life to your bedroom.


Homes with welcoming nooks acting as sanctuaries can not only give your home a makeover, they can also be a place where you can spend some quality my-time away from everyone. Due to the excessive usage of computers during the day, people are perusing spaces devoid of digital distraction. Your sanctuary must be a place where you can get comfortable and lazily scroll your Facebook or Instagram feeds in peace, so the furniture there must be comfortable and plushy. You can even hand a hammock there if you like.

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