Fat Burning Scaks

The fat burning snacks revolves around a dozen convenient and delicious foods called the Abs Diet Powerfoods. This diet is not only easy to folly but also super easy to remember.

All you need to do is to follow the acronym and eat all the foods it tells you too. Yes, you read that right, follow the acronym of ABS DIET POWDER. ABS: Almonds and other tasty nuts, Beans and other healthy legumes, Spinach and other tender vegetables.

DIET: Dairy (low-fat), instant oatmeal breakfast, Eggs, Turkey including other lean meats as well. POWER: Peanut butter, oil of the olives, Whole grain cereals and breads, Extra-protein powder, and Raspberries.

Yes, a yummy fat burning does exist and in it not only do you get to eat healthy protein, healthy carbs and healthy fats. You also get to eat Ice Cream and sink your teeth into that lovely grilled cheese sandwich.

In short there is hardly anything you will need to give up on this program.

The foods mentioned in the first paragraph are among the best sources of fiber, protein, and carbs. They help you greatly in fighting fat and gaining muscle.

To be honest, they are so good for you that they will simply and single-handedly exchange your heavy fat for a toned, lean body. This diet plan allows you to base your entire meals around them the foods mentioned before. So just make sure you follow the following three simple rules.

  • Into each of your meals,add two or three of these foods and one of them into each snack you take.
  • Diversify your food in such a way that at every meal to receive a good combination of carbs, protein, and fat.
  • Sneak protein into each snack.

In order to help you further, we are listing all the foods we mentioned above along with their superpowers and the enemies they fight to get you in shape and get that perfect beach body.


A – Almonds and other nuts

Try eating these nuts with their skins intact.

Superpowers: reduces cravings and builds muscle

Fights: heart disease, obesity, muscle loss, cancer, high blood pressure and wrinkles.

B – Beans and legumes

Superpowers: helps burn fat, builds muscle and regulates digestion

Fights: colon cancer, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.

S – Spinach and other green vegetables

Superpowers: Kills free radicals and molecules responsible for accelerating the aging process

Fights:obesity, cancer, stroke, osteoporosis and heart disease.


D – Dairy products

These include fat-free or low-fat yogurt, milk, and cheese.

Superpowers: fires up weight loss and builds strong bones,

Fights: obesity, cancer, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure.

I – Instant oatmeal

You need to have it unsweetened and unflavored or you won’t get the benefits listed below.

Superpowers: reduces cholesterol, boosts energy, and maintains blood sugar levels

Fights: obesity, heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes

E – Eggs

Superpowers: Burns fat and build muscle.

Fights: Obesity

T – Turkey including other lean meats

Superpowers: strengthens immune system and builds muscle Fights: various diseases including obesity


P – Peanut butter

Superpowers: builds muscle, destroys fat and boosts testosterone.

Fights: muscle loss, obesity, cardiovascular disease and wrinkles.

O – Olive oil

Superpowers: Lowers your cholesterol levelsand boosts the immune system.

Fights: cancer, obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure.

W – Whole-grain breads and cereals

Superpowers: Keeps body from storing excessive fat.

Fights: cancer, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.

E – Extra-protein powder

Superpowers: Burns fat and build massive muscle.

Fights: Obesity

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R – Raspberries and other berries

Superpowers: enhances eyesight, protects heart,improves your balance and coordination, and even cures short-term memory while preventing cravings.

Fights: Obesity, heart disease and cancer.


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