Let There Be Light in Thailand

At most spas in this country, they use what is referred to as neural brain wave technology (NBT) to help put you into a very deep state of meditation. This is believed to give you optimal clarity and mindfulness to completely alleviate stress, anxiety, and any other psychological toxins that are ailing you so that you come out of this meditative state of mind not only feeling completely refreshed but looking the same way.

Italy Meets China Spa Therapy

Most of the spas in Italy espouse a firm belief in eastern beauty philosophy and regimens for the optimal wellness of the skin and of the body. A common treatment there is the ancient Chinese practice called Moxibustion, which translated means “burning herb.” The herb, mugwort, has a sponge-like texture and is known in China for its healing properties. It is used during acupuncture and it is lit for a few seconds and then placed on the skin. As it burns the skin, it is said to do wonders for energy levels and blood circulation which makes skin look younger and fresher.

The Nose Knows in India

Many people suffer from chronic nasal congestion due mostly to allergies throughout the year. This spa treatment is derived from a Buddhist meditational practice called Ayurvedic. This is where specific herbs and medicinal oils are administered into the nose to alleviate congestion. This will almost instantly disintegrate toxins in the nasal cavity, neck area, and head.

Coffee in Oman

Everyone thinks of coffee as a morning picker-upper, and so it works the same way on our skin. In Oman, they use a special green coffee that “wakes up” the skin by rejuvenating the skin cells and even helping in other areas of the body by fighting cellulite. So, the spa treatment is used not only on the face but on the stomach, waist, and glutes to encourage the body to fight fat cells and help with metabolism.

Thermal Baths around the World

Wherever there is a natural mineral spring, there is sure to be a spa that uses it for treatment. Some areas where mineral springs are located have even turned the entire area into a spa town centered on the medicinal water. It is believed that all mineral springs have the ability to heal and restore the human body. There are some located in places like England, Tuscany, Italy, parts of Asia, New Zealand, South American, and even in the United States.

Peppered in Greece

In Greece, a spa treatment said to have healing properties that directly break down fatty tissue and moisturize skin at the same time is based in the use of red pepper and black pepper. The red pepper is massaged in to warm the skin which is said to help with toning, and the black pepper cools the skin down to help with detoxifying it and improving the circulation of blood.

The Eyes have it in Nepal

Many of the spas in this region practice the s Buddhist meditation of Ayurveda but they combine it with a medicinal herb called ghee which is a flour-like paste that is applied to the area of the eye to rejuvenation and toning purposes while you relax and meditate on life.

Something’s Fishy in Japan

This has become a widely known unique spa treatment and has grown to areas of Thailand, Japan, and even in Greece. The treatment itself is done by placing your feet in a foot bath full of doctor fish whose unique quality is that they like to eat away at dead skin cells. Once done, it leaves your feet as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Some places, including several major cities in the U.S., do not allow this spa treatment because of concerns for public health, but others ensure that each tub is in the spas that use them are thoroughly cleaned after each customer uses them in the smaller tubs.

In the U.S. you can find places like the Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa with its twelve different locations around the country that will indulge you in many of these treatments with a customized spa experience with its full service and state-of-the-art spa and resort accommodations.

You also need to keep that spa fresh look with some tips on looking younger and feeling healthier. If you are someone who thinks that they have too busy of a lifestyle to keep a rejuvenating spa beauty regimen going, then read some tips for the busy ladies who need to save time on a daily basis to make it work for them.


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