Special Occasion

Preparing for a gala event, a charity ball or even a romantic dinner? It’s always a no sweat chore if you have properly maintained yourself throughout the week. It saves you precious time and lets you get through that make up routine quickly. So if you are not the kind of person who would follow things like quick make up tips and believe in the notion, haste makes waste. Well, this post is just for you so here are some stitch in time saves nine tips and must-dos that will assist you in looking great for that special occasion without wasting much time applying makeup.

Get some Time to Relax

We are racing against time and this post suggests getting some time to relax! Well relaxing is important but on the night before the special occasion. You really don’t want to stay up all night before your big event due to pressing schedules or unfinished work. Try planning your work early and take some time relax on the days leading to your special occasion. It removes those dark circles from your eyes and gives you a fresher skin. The result of this is that you spent very less time in getting ready.

Get Regular Massage and Facial

Get regular facials and massages to keep a good skin. If you can’t, then try getting a facial one day before the special occasion and a massage two days before it. If you can find time to squeeze in a manicure and/or pedicure, it will be best! Try spreading these activities over the week so you enjoy yourself instead of rushing everything. If you are pressed for time then find a place where all 3 services are available. This will help you get it all done in one go.

Tip: Try picking a manicure which would suit your outfit. I personally recommend French tips as they are always elegant and classic and go with almost anything.

Pick a Good Hairstyle

Quick make up tips do work but rusting things up never leaves you satisfied. What of you already have a good maintained hair style, you will surely spend less time in getting it ready for the big event. We recommend that if you’re getting your hair done at a salon, try to book that appointment and ensure that your stylist can develop what you have in mind. Pictures will always assist greatly.

If you’re thinking of styling yourself, then try indulging yourself in a hair mask at home. One of Pantene Pro-V’s Intensive Hair Mask can be really good as it repairs weakened hair and restores firmness. It also nourishes your tresses by offering your hair that extra dollop of moisture.

Find a Suitable Dress, Beforehand

If you have prepared well and selected a suitable dress beforehand you won’t be spending priceless time in selecting one just before you get ready. Sop for a good option 2 days before and get it ready before the event day.

Remember, stitch in time saves nine and this way of dealing with things is way better than applying quick makeup tips and staying unsatisfied the entire day.


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