Eyebrow Microblading

When it comes to beauty secrets that have really caught on and become mainstream over the past few years, eyebrow Eyebrow Microblading is one of those things that sits high on the list of services. Eyebrow microblading is explained as a type of tattooing in that pigment is actually implanted under your skin using a tool wherein you can draw hair-like strokes that look like eyebrows. Because the pigment isn’t placed too far under the skin, you will have semi-permanent results that give the illusion of full, perfectly sculpted eyebrows.

This type of service is one that is offered at a wide array of beauty salons and spas across the country, but with that said, it’s not always cheap. That and the fact some people just don’t get as lasting results as others, which means you may need to have it done on a more regular basis, whether you are just getting a touch-up or a full service.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering if it’s something you could do on your own. The short answer is, yes you can, but there are steps and tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

Take a Proper Training Course

While it may seem easy enough to do it yourself as you’re sitting in the chair at the salon, in reality there is real skill and precision involved. The last thing you want is to be stuck with uneven eyebrows that don’t match and don’t suit your face in the least. Remember, fixing a botched microblading job will be a whole lot more work and money than just having it done properly from the start.

You may notice there are plenty of videos that can be found on how you can do your own microblading without any sort of professional training. This is definitely the dangerous route to take, as you are likely signing up for disaster. For that reason, it’s wise to enroll on a professional microblading course and get yourself certified as a microblading technician. Not only will you then have the proper skills and knowledge, but if you decide it’s something you want to pursue in the future, you could always offer your services to others.

Stock Up on the Necessary Supplies

Once you have the proper training and you’re ready to begin, you’re going to need all the necessary supplies. Retailers like Ink Defined are a great location to purchase your eyebrow microblading supplies as their pigments and micro shading pens have all been tested and approved by top industry experts. Without high-quality, reliable tools, it will be impossible to get the professional kind of results you’re after.

Set Up a Designated, Well-Lit, and Hygienic Area in the Home

Lastly, you want to be sure you have an area in your home that is well-lit, will provide you with easy access to your tools and supplies, and is clean and hygienic. As you will have learned in your classes, hygiene is incredibly important, which means your tools need to be clean and sanitized, you should be wearing gloves, and the surfaces you are placing your items on are also sterile and clean.

These tips will help ensure that you are set up for success.

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