Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood flooring is an extremely popular product these days and it’s easy to see why. We’ve composed a list of the best characteristics of this dreamy flooring option to get you to understand why it really is the best.

Engineered Wood Flooring


One of the main characteristics of a new floor has to be that it looks good. That’s why you’re looking for one after all, your carpet has seen better days and you’re due an upgrade. Engineered flooring has all the natural lines and patterns that people like to look t but you have something that’s practical as well as pretty. It will match all the ideas and decor around your home.

Expanding and Contracting

It doesn’t do it. Unlike Solid Wood flooring, engineered doesn’t expand and contract dependent on the temperature. This means it’s safe to lay in places where Solid Wood wouldn’t do such a good job. The temperature and moisture levels fluctuate massively making it a nightmare for Solid Wood flooring. The right engineered flooring however, wouldn’t even flinch.


Engineered flooring is perfect for the professional or the DIY savvy. You can have it installed as a floating floor or a solid floor. It’s easy to work with, quick to lay and some designs come with a click system which is the simplest of flooring to install, especially yourself.

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Durability and Flexibility

Due to the fact that it’s made up of layers and layers of plywood that has been bonded together, engineered flooring is extremely durable. It can withstand high and heavy footfall in commercial and domestic environments. The flexibility of the flooring means it can be used in virtually any room as well. As mentioned above, it barely expands or contracts in temperate and moisture doesn’t affect the condition too severely meaning it will work throughout the house.


Although the amount of sanding engineered flooring can withstand in its lifetime isn’t as much as other types, it can be done. Re-sanding a floor allows you to bring it back to life when it’s looking a bit tired and worse for wear. It’s also a great way to get rid of scuffs and scratches your floor may have endured throughout the years. It’s the top layer of engineered flooring that determines the appearance and wear resistance of the flooring and makes re-sanding possible, hence the importance of selecting a flooring with a thick top layer.

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The Environment

Engineered wood flooring is made of plywood which grows fast and can be used from a young age. Boards are often longer and wider than other types of flooring so less wood is used to create the pieces. The durability of engineered flooring is better than other types meaning less chemical substances are used for cleaning and restoring.


Believe it or not, engineered flooring is one of the more hygienic flooring types. Carpets can harbour bacteria and the smells from pets or things that have been spilt. With wooden floors, spillages are easier to clean up and the need for frequent cleaning makes them much more hygienic.

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