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Whether you want to start a YouTube channel or you want to start live streaming your own webinars, getting in front of a camera and making video content offers a ton of opportunities and awesome ways to express yourself. Because so many people are creating video content, it’s fair to say that the space has become highly competitive, and the viewer expects something great from the content to the set.

It’s so easy to lose the interest of a first-time viewer if your video doesn’t look polished and professional. The good news is, you can achieve a professional video without spending thousands of dollars on equipment. The most important thing is going to be the quality of video, the quality of audio you have, and of course, the set in which you’ll be creating your videos. Your set becomes a part of your brand, and people will recognize it and the message it conveys.

How do you create a nice set when you are working from a small space? Can you still have a professional-looking set when you don’t have a huge studio? This is how you can easily create an amazing space with a few pieces.

Pick a Corner

You don’t need to have a large studio space in your home to create an amazing streaming, virtual speaking or YouTube video set. Sometimes all you need is a 4 foot corner that you can give the look of a large, professional video space. So find a corner in a room, whether it’s in your bedroom, or your living room, and mark it out as your studio space. The purpose of this corner is that if you point a camera into it, it can look like you’re in a proper studio, and you also don’t have to worry too much about moving things around in order to shoot a video because it stays the same. Often people think that a studio has to be this grand space like what they see in Hollywood, but you can truly create something special with a few things, and even with the space that’s only visible in the camera frame.


The ideal place to shoot video is a room or corner that makes sunlight from a large window beam onto your face. When it comes to having the best look on camera, the best light is natural light, but if you’re using a small corner in your home, it won’t always be in a place with ample sunlight shining into it. Luckily, you can make use of artificial lighting to make sure your videos still look incredibly professional. There are many options for lighting, varying in budget and style. A ring light can work well if you want something affordable, you can buy a set of soft box lights if you have a little more to spend, or you can buy panel lights to really achieve that high-budget professional You Tuber look. Remember the goal is to remove shadows and to make sure that you, the subject, is front and center and in full view.


What really makes a video space look super professional and interesting to the viewer is the way you decorate the space. Instead of having a plain wall in the background, you want to have interesting eye-catching pieces that add personality to your set. There are many ways to do this, you can put lit candles and fancy bottles in the background, or you can even make it look more official with certificates up on the wall. If you want to create your own diploma to place on your set, you can use a fake diploma maker to really make what you put on the wall look extremely professional. You can take an achievement that doesn’t have an official certificate and create your own symbol of an accomplishment.

Make sure whatever you have in your background isn’t too cluttered because ultimately, it will compete with you on camera and take away from the visual appeal of your set. Another option would be to put up some floating shelves that you can easily decorate. You could also introduce a neon light or a small fake plant, to make your set look warm and inviting, like an extension of your home.

You don’t have to have deep pockets and a fancy interior decorator to create a set that your video viewers will love. There are just a couple of clever and creative tweaks that you can make to turn even the tiniest and plainest corner in a room into an amazing video set. Don’t overlook other features like sound, it might not be visible, but your audio is another thing that will keep people coming back to your videos.


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