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A home’s plumbing is something that many homeowners take for granted until something goes wrong. Luckily, there are precautions you can take to ensure your plumbing is in tip-top condition, because you don’t want to call an emergency plumber in the middle of the night.

However, one of the most important precautions you can take is to examine what you’re currently doing that might be harming your plumbing system. Here are some common plumbing mistakes to keep an eye out for when going about your daily activities.

Mistake: pouring bleach down the drain to release a clog

Just because bleach is a powerful cleaning solution doesn’t mean it will cut through debris in your pipes. It is common for homeowners to pour bleach through standing water to work through the clog, but in reality bleach is a toxic substance and when used in abundance, it will emit harmful fumes.

Mistake: hanging items on plumbing fixtures

You may think that putting your loofahs or soaps on your drain is an okay thing to do, but it can cause severe damage if there is too much weight. Plumbing fixtures are not designed to hold weight of any kind, so do not be tempted to use it as a footrest or a shelf.

Mistake: ignoring standing water for too long

Your plumbing is meant to work fast and efficiently, but it is all too easy to overlook standing water by making the excuse, “the plumbing is just moving slow.” Clogs, while common, usually aren’t too big of a deal if they’re found early. However, if you ignore them and let clogs fester, you may have to invest in expensive sewer drain cleaning to get rid of them completely.

Mistake: using the toilet as a trash can

Even though toilets are designed for waste, they’re designed for only a specific type of waste. Your toilet is not, and should not, be used as a trash can. Even items that are labeled as “flushable” need to be tossed into the trash, as they can cause major plumbing issues. When in doubt, always use the trash!

MIstake: ignoring small drips and leaks

A leak is never a good thing; it is always a sign that a bigger problem is looming underneath. They never go away on their own, and can quickly escalate into a burst pipe overnight. The minute you find a leak, call your local plumber, as you have a ticking time bomb on your hands. This means even a pesky drip!

Mistake: not turning on faucets when it’s cold outside

You want to open your faucets a tiny bit when the temperatures drop. This is because the backup of water in your pipes can easily freeze if there is no motion in the pipes. Simply having a drip of water come out to your sink is all you need to do to prevent this from happening.

Mistake: overusing drain cleaners

Drain cleaners can be helpful, but overuse can be severe. Not only will the cleaner remove the clog, but if used too much, it can start to erode your pipes. Instead of using a chemical cleaner, consider snaking out your drain by hand. And if the clogs still won’t go away, call your plumber for help, as that is another sign that something is wrong below the surface.

By keeping these simple plumbing mistakes in mind, you’ll be more aware of what’s happening below the surface. Remember, if something in your plumbing doesn’t seem right, do not hesitate to call your local plumber to get it checked out. Your plumbing will thank you!

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