Right Neighborhood

Congrats — you’re going on a new adventure!

Moving is an exciting time, but picking the right neighborhood to move to can be challenging.

When you move to a new city, figuring out where to move will set the tone of your new life. If you rush your decision, you could get stuck in a dangerous neighborhood or one that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

To ensure you choose the right neighborhood for you and your family, here are a few things to think about.

Figure Out Your Preferences

First off, before choosing a neighborhood, you’ll want to figure out what you want out of your new community.

Are you looking for an active community or something more calm and private?

Do you want to live the high life downtown and close to bars or raise your family in the quiet suburbs where your kids can run around freely?

It’s a good idea to figure out what you would like in a house or apartment, too. Do you want to be near public parks? Maybe you care about a parking garage or want to be a short car ride to the grocery store.

These are all factors to think about when considering what neighborhood to move to.

If you’re making the move with a roommate or family, talk to them about their preferences especially if you’re moving with kids involved. You’ll be able to find a new neighborhood that accommodates everyone’s desires if you know what you’re looking for up-front.

Visit at Different Times

A neighborhood can look completely different in the daytime and nighttime.

What looks like a lively and safe neighborhood during the day might turn out to be less than savory at night — or it may be calm with older neighbors walking during the day, but when night falls, the younger and more rambunctious crowd comes out to play.

It’s vital to visit a potential new neighborhood at various times of the day to get an accurate picture of what you would be getting yourself into. The environment you see can vary from day to day, so make sure to visit on different days of the week rather than one all-day visit.

Find the Nearest Stores and Shopping Centers

When moving to a new neighborhood, it’s important to find the locations you will be frequenting and running your errands in.

To some people, taking an hour-long trip to the grocery store is a deal-breaker. To others, enjoying a day “going into town” is ideal. The two options are very different, so make sure to figure out what you prefer.

A few things to take note of when you’re exploring are the proximities of shopping centers, choices of different grocery and retail stores, and whether these stores complement any dietary needs.

Research Crime Rate

For many singles, couples, and families, the crime rate in your new potential neighborhood can make or break a situation.

To investigate this on your own, drive through the neighborhood to see if police officers heavily patrol it or if it feels like an unsafe place to be.

Another step to take is doing research online. Websites like Lexis Nexis let you search the neighborhood you’re considering to see the crime rate and details supporting the rating.

If you’re still questioning the neighborhood’s safety, another option is to call the local police department and ask about it.

Move to Your Dream Neighborhood

Finding your dream neighborhood will be easy if you take the necessary steps listed here.

Determining your wants and needs, finding the essentials, and exploring the neighborhood at various times of the day will help you get a sense of the new neighborhood and if it will fit your preferences or not.

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