Do you remember the saying that the first impression is the last impression! Well, that’s true in most of the cases. If you are a parent of a girl, you will always try your best to make your girl happy. And when it’s about celebrating your girl’s birthdays, everything needs to be perfect. From cake birthday invitations to birthday cake, all need to be awesome! Girls are super sensitive so keep that in mind because they are not going to forgive you if you don’t make their party a hit! Lol.

So before planning an awesome birthday party, you need to think about some creative birthday invitations. It’s all about how you transform a simple party invitation to a special one. So here are some practical and easy ideas to send out the best birthday invitations for your birthday girl.

Invitations in a Box

Invitations in a box

Everyone loves small boxes. They are cute and look fantastic. You can decorate a small box within no time, and it will look too good. Alright, so you can send out these simpleparty invitations in a box. You just need to get some boxes from a nearby store, decorate them according to your girl’s birthday party theme. Insert the card in the box and send it! Your guests will love this idea of creative birthday invitations.

Picnic Theme Invitations

Picnic theme invitations

If you are arranging your girl’s birthday party somewhere outside, you can send picnic theme invitations. Get a cute picnic hat or a basket. Tag it with your customized cake birthday invitations and send it. The guest girls will bring the hat or the basket when they come to the party. They can collect flowers together and will have fun.

Mermaid Party Invitations

Mermaid party invitations

Little girls are obsessed with mermaids as we all know. You can decide on a mermaid theme for your girl’s birthday party. Creating mermaid theme party invitations is super easy. You can print out mermaids on a paper and ask your girl to write down a sweet message for her friends. Cute and creative!

Cookie Theme Invitations

Cookies are so necessary when you are planning a kid’s party. So if your girl loves cookies, why not send a cookie theme invitation to all of her friends? This idea is sweet. You can bake cookies at home or get from the store. Pack them using a cute ribbon and send it with a customized invitation card. You can even cut the card in a cookie shape too. Everyone will get to eat the cookie and will love the idea also. Win-win for everyone!

Unicorn Theme Invitations

Last but not least, a unicorn theme party invitation is one of the most creative birthday invitations ideas among little girls. The reason being, girls, love unicorns! Arranging a unicorn theme birthday party is so easy. Just get everything in every color and make rainbows and you are good to go. For unicorn theme birthday invitations, you can send unicorn theme printing pages along with the birthday invite. Or get unicorn theme cookies or pencils so that your girl’s guests can come along with their unicorn goodies on the day of the party and enjoy together.

These are some of the cutest girl’s creative birthday invitations ideas. You can create all those invitation cards at home in a low price.

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