If you are thinking of throwing your friends or family a quality engagement party, you need to do a lot of work. While celebrating a joyous occasion such as this one is quite fun and exciting, sometimes such parties can get very expensive. So here are a few ways following which you can keep your event simple and chic.

Invitations & Guest List

If you are thinking of sending your family and friends some formal and printed invites then know that it’s not necessary. You have the social media to send all invites for this casual get together. Snapchat offer wedding and engagement party emojis to send your friend. It is easy to find suitable snapchat emoji meanings. Even if you are a bit too old school and believe in written invitations, you can make handwritten invites and post them to your friends.

Food & Drink

Today food and drinks are more important than décor and this is precisely where you will be spendingall your money. If you can’t keep it simple you can simply hire Flavours Catering Sydney. They offer you complete party plans and can also offer you a menu that is affordable to you. If you still want to do things your way, simply serve beer instead of Champaign. Serve small bites and host the party around mid-afternoon. Be creative with affordable meals such as hamburgers and munchies, spaghetti and meatballsor chili and cornbread.


Décor is also important. So if you are planning to throw a warm, easygoing party, just try to keep things simple and don’t go overboard with the spending. You can just hang a few string lights from across your patio and you are good to go. If you like flowers simply purchase a nice flower arrangement to make an exquisite entry way. You can also make a chalkboard sign if you wish.


Since an engagement party is nothing like a bridal shower, rest assured that no one will be expecting games. But, if you still think that simple conversations may not be sufficient for your friends, you can always prepare just a few activities to break out in case of certain emergencies.

Toasts & Gifts

The toasts at an engagement party are not as expected as they are at a wedding. But still, if you feel the need of giving a toast, you can do that! We think a toast is a good way to get the attention of the guests and get things going in a good way. Just make certain that the guests are looking at you or your voice is loud enough to attract their attention and all will be well.

These were some of the things you need to look into if you want to throw an engagement party that is within your means. Remember catering is important and spending extravagantly is not. Your guests should also not feel obligated to bring you a gift or anything, but if you have some people who feel awkward coming empty-handed, then please don’t start opening the gifts at the party. Tuck them away and keep them for later.

Have fun!

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