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July 19, 2019


Modest Fashion
With every passing day, more and more women are opting for modest fashion. This is because it involves dressing in a way that you’re comfortable with, instead of wearing skimpy outfits to fit the society’s standards of ‘sexy’, ‘attractive’ or ‘fashionable’. So modest dressing is the way you express your true self and distinguish yourself from the rest of...
Hair Naturally
We all know sometimes drying your hair is a struggle and an agony. Blowing your hair with a hairdryer is the last thing you want to do when the sun is sparkling and you're anxious to get outside. As far as hair styling drying and styling is concerned, it shouldn’t be a factor to worry about. Leaving your hair...
Best Hairstyles
The best hairstyle is the most important part of our looks. Be it a blunt fringe, dip-dye, short layers or a whole new shade of hair, our hair style defines our likes and dislikes and brings out what we truly are. Thankfully every year there are new hairstyles out and we get some very good abundant choices to choose...

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